Healing Insecurity

Congratulations on figuring out which lie has you under its thumb. Below is a link for you to grab a copy of the workbook and the video link to work on the insecurity for yourself.

This workbook and video are valuable tools in helping you become aware of your thoughts and challenge the thinking that causes you to feel insecure. 

This isn’t something that you heal on your couch. This is an active process where you challenge yourself to try things that you would normally feel too insecure to do.

It’s not about the outcome. It’s simply about taking steps towards things that you’ve avoided in the past because you were worried about what other people were thinking.

Click the link below to download the workbook and watch the video so that you can get started on your path to feeling secure within yourself.

Love to all.


Healing Insecurity

Once purchased, you will be able to download the workbook, which includes a link to the video on YouTube so that you can watch the video or do the workbook from anywhere at any time. There is no need to come back to this site. You will have 3 attempts…