Which Underlying Lie is Affecting Your Life?

Every person I’ve ever worked with has a core underlying belief about themselves that is not true. There are four main lies that I see. They are:

  • Not enough or not worthy.
  • Not trusting themselves
  • Insecurity or instability
  • Avoidance because of a mix of all of the above.

These things stop us from doing and being in the world the way we want to. Sometimes they will even prevent us from knowing how we want to show up in the world, to begin with.

Do you know which lie affects you?

More importantly, do you know how to deal with the lie that affects you?

When you take the very short quiz below it will tell you which lie is affecting you and you’ll be given different ways of solving that lie for yourself.

Take the quiz below. It’s completely free and it’ll give you access to ways to begin healing yourself and moving forward.

Love to all.