Redefine Your Reality Monthly Mastermind

What does it mean to redefine your reality?

It means you started something in your life or maybe you started multiple things in your life like a relationship, a job, bought a house, plus many other things but now something has changed. 

You want a new reality but you’re scared. You’re not sure if you can just pick up and start again. You’re looking for guidance and answers.

You’ve found them!

I’m Laura and I’m in the middle of redefining my own reality. I invite you to come along on my journey so that I can show you the things I’ve learned along the way. 

It is possible and you can do it!

What's My Story?

Seven years ago I set off on a journey with a very specific goal. The journey involved me doing some healing work on myself so that I could make what I wanted work for myself.

I didn’t realize then that it would take me seven years to get what I wanted. I thought maybe I’d do a couple of months of healing and get what I wanted. Nope. I set off on an extended journey that is completely redefining me and my entire life.

I’ve had to let go of many of the things I had built over the last few years. I’ve lost a few people and lots of things.  I’ve healed so many beliefs and so much old trauma that I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I’ve had to learn self-acceptance and trust, trust in myself so that I could move forward. 

And that thing I was after originally, still don’t have it. It’s coming though! I’m still working through the stuff!

About Me

Laura Bungarz

Laura Bungarz

I'm Laura! I started this journey 7-years ago when I basically cracked. i was in a lot of pain and miserable in my life. Something needed to change.
I came across this concept of spirituality while doing a Google search for a new religion. Yes, it's a long story I've written about in other spots.
Long story short, I began to use spirituality to change my life and give myself permission to become who I wanted to be.
I can't say it's been easy. What I can say is that I've learned a ton along the way and now I'm here wanting to help you do the same thing.
I'm a teacher by trade. I was born wanting to teach. The who and what of teaching were always open-ended questions, until now. These days I teach about my life and the lessons I've had to learn to get to where I am.
Yes, I'm still in mid-shift and learning all along the way. Helping other people get started on their own journeys is what I do.

The Details

Monthly Modules

1. Your Big Vision
2. Permission
3. Listening to and Following Your Intuition
4. Self-Acceptance and Healing
5. Your Beliefs
6. Working Through Pain
7. Self-Sabotage
8. Fear of Change
9. Trusting Yourself
10. Other People
11. The Past Doesn’t Determine Anything
12. Imagining the Future

Why Those Topics?

I picked these topics for the modules because they are the things that get in our way. 

These are the things that got in my way too! They were things that I had to work through so that I could move forward on my own journey.

It’s likely they are things that are getting your way, whether you’re aware of them or not. That’s okay. As you work through them you’ll be able to move forward more easily.

So many of us have patterns and habits we aren’t aware of. These modules are designed to highlight places where you may have created patterns for yourself that you aren’t aware of. You’ll learn how to break those patterns so they aren’t a problem for you anymore.

As I’ve learned, you can break the belief around something, but if you don’t break the habit of it, you stay in the cycle. It’s not just about breaking beliefs that don’t work, it’s also about breaking the habits those beliefs created. Sometimes that’s harder than just changing the belief.

How Much Time Do I Have to Commit?

As much time as it takes for you to reach your goal. It could be days, months, weeks, or even years.

It’s taken my 7-years to get here and I still haven’t reached my goal yet. Could I have done it faster? Probably. But that’s easy to say looking back. It’s harder to do in reality.

Does it have to take you 7-years too? No. I’ve given you a guide, a way forward and that’s something I never had.  I’m giving you the steps and showing you how. If you put in the effort and the work over 12-months, you absolutely can do it.

Be prepared for a high level of commitment though. Be ready to do this daily for 12-months. If you want to do it in a year, you can with daily work on yourself with and without the workbooks. 

We’re human, we don’t heal overnight. Give yourself the time and flexibility you need to do this and keep it after.

If you’ve ever tried weight loss, you’ll understand what I mean. How many times have you lost weight only to gain it back? This concept is true with healing and changing our lives too. If you’re not in alignment with what you’re trying to create but you manage to manifest it anyway, you’ll lose it. The phenomenon happens all the time with lottery winners that blow all their money, expensive cars that get repossessed, dieters that gain the weight back, and so on. 

The reason we do all this is so that once we have it we can keep it and enjoy it. It doesn’t become something we have to fight to hang on to and we don’t have to convince ourselves of anything to do it. It just happens naturally.

Yes! I want to redefine my reality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I would suggest you go to through the module anyway, even if you don’t think you need it. You may be surprised at what you discover.