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There are three subscriptions available here. Each of them is a monthly subscription. Read through each of the options and select the best one for you.

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There are three subscriptions available here. Each of them is a monthly subscription. The price per month is indicated. Read on to see which subscription you want.

Redefine Your Reality Monthly Masterclass

If you’re interested in redefining your reality or changing your life, this is for you. Each month there will be a new module for you to work through. It will help you begin the process of changing your life. This is the exact process I am working through to change my own life, now I’m showing you.

Here is a page with more information on this program.

Redefine Your Reality Information


Tarot My Way

Have you always wanted to learn tarot? Here’s your chance! Tarot My Way will show you how I use tarot to help me with my personal intuition and guidance. While I don’t need tarot for other people, I find it helpful for myself. It was how I increased my ability to “hear” the spirit world when I first started tarot. This program is not dripped. You will gain access to the entire course immediately upon signing up. It is $15.99 CAD per month.


The Empowered Self Academy

This is an ALL-ACCESS-PASS! It includes both of the above programs plus numerous others, which I’ll list below. If you’ve been waiting for a monthly payment plan for the Academy, this is it! There is almost $1000 worth of programs and courses available through the academy. It’s a steal of a deal at only $16.99 CAD per month. That’s right! It’s only $1 more per month than if you were to sign up for just Tarot My Way!

With the exception of Redefine Your Reality which is currently dripped for everyone, you will gain access to all the material immediately upon subscribing. No waiting!

Here are the additional courses that are available:

  • Stop Being Stuck
  • The Alignment of Letting Go
  • Healing Childhood Trauma
  • Allowing Change More Easily
  • What To Do When You’re Off Balance
  • How To Be Brave and Breakthrough Insecurity (NEW!)
  • Anger: From Blockage to Breakthrough
  • How To Get Past Just About Anything

Grab access to the academy today!


How It Works

This allows you to jump between subscriptions and only pay the difference between the plans. If you decide you only want access to Redefining Your Reality, you can drop out of the Academy and move to that plan. It’s easy to do from your Account under My Subscriptions. If you need help or have questions just ask!

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Pick a Subscription

Redefining Your Reality Monthly Masterclass, The Empowered Self Academy (Includes everything!), Tarot My Way


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