Intensive Guided Intuitive Healing Session




This is one 3-hour session with me where we deep dive into what’s got you stuck at the moment. Whatever you are working on, we can work through during the session.

Often, I get intuitive guidance around what people “should” be working on or what your guides would like to see you work through during the session. I use that to help guide you through a process of deep healing and clearing so that you feel better and can move forward quicker.

In every session I do I offer energy healing and clearing as part of the process. What that looks like has changed over time, but generally, the process is one where I peel back the layers of energetic goo that you’ve been holding on to so that we can find the deeper layers of healing that need to be worked through.

Essentially, I have the ability to cut right to the core of whatever the issue is and find the original trauma or pain that you’ve been holding on to. While the actual healing is yours, I encourage everybody I work with to simply release without unpacking or diving into anything that comes up. Three is no need to relive old events in your life. It’s okay to simply let them go. I can guide you through that process for yourself.

Yes, there may be tears, but it should not be horrible, traumatic for you.

As always, I am not a trained psychologist or therapist. If you need more support than I provide, please seek that out and take responsibility for your own mental health. There is nothing wrong with getting professional help if you need it.

The session will be done in Zoom. Please bring some water and whatever you need to be comfortable. Bathroom breaks are okay. This is an extended period of time and I want you to be able to get the most out of it with the fewest interruptions.

Please reach out if you have additional questions.



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