Course Compendium



This is a compilation of many of the workbooks belonging to the different courses I have created. The video links are NOT included in this compilation. It is simply a collection of the workbooks I have made.

I have left the space in the book for writing directly underneath each question if you choose to print out the courses.

The list of courses I have included is:

Anger: From Blockage to Breakthrough

Creating a Balanced Life

The Alignment of Letting Go

Allowing Change More Easily

Figuring Out Who I Am

Healing Childhood Trauma

The Blame Game

and my newest course, How to Move Forward in Any Situation.

This is 110-pages of life-changing material if you put the time and effort into doing the work outlined in each of these courses. You would be a different person living an entirely new life by the end of this workbook if you went through it cover to cover.

I will be adding this to The Empowered Self Academy for free. If you are a member or are considering becoming a member, you will get this compilation for free. Please go ahead and purchase your membership to the academy instead.

You will have 3 attempts over 72 hours to download the compendium once purchased. If you have trouble please reach out to me and I will make sure you get the book.




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