Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are one-on-one sessions with me! The goal of those sessions is to help you move through whatever you're stuck in. Whether it's self-confidence, worthiness, previous trauma, or beliefs that are no longer working for you. The goal of these sessions is to empower you to move forward and create the life that you want. 

What Happens During a Session?

What happens during these sessions is largely up to you! Things we can do include:
  •  Energy Healing (I do this in every session!)
  • ​Channel transitioned loved ones.
  • ​Cut cords with past lives or people once you're ready and done with the connection. 
  • ​Work through any trauma, belief, or other issue you have. This is a safe space for you to release whatever is going on for you in that moment. 
  • ​Pull tarot cards. I will send pictures of the cards I pull after each session.

Momentum is Key

What I've learned having worked with people both in one-off sessions where sessions are infrequent and people that come regularly on their own, is that regular sessions are the key to momentum and long term progress! It creates momentum that allows us to:
  •  Not have to catch up every time we see each other. There is a chunk of time spent re-acquainting ourselves when sessions are infrequent.
  • ​Keep your energy field clear. You'll feel better longer in between sessions. 
  • ​Create accountability to help keep you moving forward without getting stuck. 
  • ​See certain issues or cycles through to completion when sessions are regular over a long period of time.
  • ​Create comfortability and familiarity as we get to know each other.

Why Can't I Buy One Session Anymore?

I want to be as much help to you as I possibly can. I know that regular, consistent sessions with me are the best way to provide this to you.  I see the progress in the people that come to me regularly on their own and I want to make that something that everybody that chooses to work with me gets the benefit of. 

What's the Difference Between This and Private Coaching?

Private coaching is bi-weekly sessions over a period of months. The price includes full support from me in between sessions via text and email. The Monthly Healing Sessions offered here are exactly that, monthly, and do not include support between sessions.

Pricing Plans and Options

Pay In Full

Pay for 10 sessions in full and get 2 free.
30-Minute Healing Session: 12 for $370 CAD.

60-Minute Healing Sessions: 12 for $770 CAD.

90-Minute Healing Sessions: 12 for $880 CAD.

Monthly Payments

The payment plan saves 10% over purchasing 12 individual sessions.  Payment plans require an active PayPal account.
Minimum of 3-month commitment after which you may cancel anytime.
30-Minute Healing Sessions: 12 equal payments of $33 per month. Total cost per year: $444 CAD.

60-Minute Healing Sessions: 12 equal payments of $70 per month. Total cost per year: $840 CAD

90-Minute Healing Sessions: 12 equal payments of $80 per month. Total cost per year: $960 CAD

How Does This Work?

  •  All sessions are done via Zoom. The link will be in your appointment confirmation email. I generally message people with their links about an hour prior to their appointments. It serves as a good reminder!
  • ​Once you purchase, you will be brought to my calendar to book your first session immediately. In your email there will be a link to my calendar that you can use to book all future sessions. Please bookmark it! Just reach out if you lose the link!
  • ​Sessions can be cancelled (no refund) and re-scheduled by you up to 48-hours prior to the appointment. I understand that life happens. Please reach out to me directly if something comes up at the last minute. 
  • ​If you've chosen the payment plan, a 3-month commitment is required. Please keep this in mind prior to cancelling your plan. If you default on this, no further access to my products and services will be permitted until all 3-months are paid off.
  • ​A perk of paying in full is that you can use the sessions weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The choice is yours!

If You've Never Worked With Me Before

If you'd like to try one session of any length with me prior to purchasing a package, please reach out to me. 
The sessions will be at their regular prices and will not be included as part of the package. Prices are as follows:
30-Minute Healing Session: $37 CAD
60-Minute Healing Session: $77 CAD
90-Minute Healing Session: $88 CAD

Once I receive the form, I will be in contact via the email provided in the form to arrange payment and provide a calendar link.
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