Breaking Cycles Mastermind

What Is It?

A 90-minute live stream in a private Facebook group with a downloadable and printable PDF workbook.

When Is It?

Because it’s being offered to academy members I can be flexible with the date.

I have it tentatively scheduled for Monday, November 29th at 11 AM Central Time.  Depending on the number of people that sign up, this can be moved around.

What Is The Topic?

Cycle breaking is the process of recognizing a repeating pattern in our lives and breaking it. 

These patterns can be cycles of lack, inaction, people-pleasing, relationship patterns, reactions, or anything that you see in your life that causes something to keep happening.

What we’ll be talking about is how to recognize the repeating pattern, understand what’s causing it, and then I’ll provide you with a process for breaking it. 

There are two parts to breaking it. The first part is dealing with the mental and emotional response to whatever triggers the cycle. The second is breaking the habit physically by consciously changing the behavior into what we want to do instead.

Why Is This Important?

Breaking cycles and patterns of behavior is important because it allows for deeper healing.

All of these patterns and behaviors stem from beliefs and ideas we have about ourselves and how the world works.  These ideas usually aren’t true, so they can be changed or released.

By finding the truth, by examining our behavior we can change it and heal the wound that’s causing it. That’s huge! 

When that cycle stops you’ll be happier and freer in your life. You won’t have that thing hanging over your head anymore. You won’t feel like a failure because it never works out the way you want it to.

You’ll be able to better create your life on your own terms without worrying so much about the outcome.

You won’t be trapped by your thoughts and feelings so much.

You’ll recognize other patterns and you’ll have the skills to break those too.

It allows you to get off the hamster wheel and take better control of your life.

This is one of the ways we free ourselves.

Why Am I Offering This?

I was in a cycle of lack for many years that I had to figure out how to break.

By understanding that I had to first break the beliefs and ideas I had and then learning that I had to break my habit of response to the cycle being triggered, I was able to slowly come out of that cycle.

The reason I’m offering this is that I’ve done it. The truth is, I’m still doing it. My life is continuing to change and I’m continuing to change. I’m standing firm in knowing that the energetic changes I’ve made in my life will translate into the outside world. 

I’m teaching you how to do it so you don’t have to have 20 years of trial and error as I did. You can get over any cycle you can recognize if you’re willing to put a conscious effort into doing the work.

How Do I Sign Up?

I’m offering it to The Empowered Self Academy members. Simply sign up for a month in the academy and you’ll get an invite to join the livestream. The link will be posted in the academy as well.

There is no commitment. You don’t have to stay. 

You’ll have access to everything that is already part of the academy as a bonus. 

You’ll be able to download what you want and run. There is no minimum requirement.

Simply choose The Empowered Self Academy from the subscription options. It’s $16.99 CAD!